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I just want to have a good love one lifetime don't regret我只想好好爱一回一辈子不后悔。

I only do a star in your world!我只做你世界中的一颗星星。

In your life, I just passers-by.在你生命中,我只是路人。

You are my heart the deepest secret(你是我心里最深处的秘密)

Habit is like a never healing stubbor.习惯像永不愈合的固执伤疤 。

The only present love demands is love.爱所祈求的唯一礼物就是爱。

Ijust want to be different in your heart.我想成为你心中的特别。

My time is a song, never end never rest.我的时光是首歌,永远不完永远不歇。

I love you, have no purpose. Just love you.我爱你,没有什么目的。就是爱你。

If you love somebody, don't let them slip away.若爱一个人 就别让他从你身边溜走。

What you see reflects what your heart is like.你看到什么样的世界,你就拥有什么样的内心。

Each of us is no longer the only. 我们彼此不再是唯一。

Want perfect, always not perfect.想要的完美,始终不完美。

Time to teach you see every face.时间教你看清每一张脸。

Long time no see. Who do you like. 好久不见后来你喜欢了谁。

Time always save the best for last.时间总是把最好的人留到最后。

The fleeting moment, the long forever.短暂的瞬间,漫长的永远。

The kiss of love is a deep hug.对爱的人 接吻要深 拥抱要真。

Sorry,I forgot.You don’t need me anymore.对不起,我忘了,你已经不再需要我了。

What good method, can let the lonely become obedient.有没有什么好办法、能让寂寞变听话。

Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons.不回头,只是还没找到留下的理由。

No meeting, no story. 没有遇见就没有故事。

Give me to the old love.给我到老的爱情。

Who never had a scar of youth.谁的青春不曾有过伤痕。

I have no ambition, I just want you.我没有野心,我只想要你。

Some can't help sad, we always slowly learned to hide.有些情不自禁的忧伤,我们总是慢慢的学会了隐藏。

This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.这就是我,没人说非要你喜欢。

In some cases, to leave, but did not dare miss.有些时候,想离开,却不敢错过。

Because when young, with a total want of good in the future.只因那时年少,总把未来想的太好。

Through the youth of the summer, who also remembered what year?走过青春的夏天,谁还记得曾是哪年?

It's not tears that should be wiped, but the ones that make you cry.应该擦去的不是泪水,而是那些让你流泪的人。

If love is misunderstanding, who let I can return to perfect.如果爱是场误会,谁让我能回到完美。

Want to wake up every day, it is not the same as the color of life.希望每天醒来,都是不一样的人生色彩。

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.爱,起于微笑,浓于亲吻,逝于泪水

Remember, at least you have me. 记住,至少你还有我。

Nobody could ever replace you.从来没有人可以取代你。

Baby I want you here with me.宝贝我多希望你能陪在我身边 。

Like I never ever loved no one before you在你之前从没这样喜欢过一个人.

No one even lives lost nor will I lose. 会不会有人就算把命丢掉也不会把我丢掉。

Miss not obedient, oneself ran out 思念不听话,自己跑出来

I will cherish every good to me. 我会珍惜身边每一个对我好的人。

Be profound, be funny, or be quiet. 要么有深度,要么有趣,要么安静。

I will give you all my love.我将给你全部的爱。

I once thought we were friends.我曾经以为我们是朋友。

You Are My Sunshine. 你是我的太阳 

Love at first sight the Silly love 一见钟情那愚蠢的爱

I miss you, but without a trace 我好想你,却不露痕迹 

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 去奋斗,去追求,去发现,但不要放弃。

Deep love person hide the heart does not hang mouth.深愛的人藏心不掛嘴。

All is only you completely 所有全部只是你

Fool,The person I love best is you傻瓜,我最爱的人就是你了。

And lonely again. 与孤独重归于好

Silence is a girl's loudest cry.沉默是一个女孩最大的哭声。

who love you more than me 谁能比我更爱你

You don't have much good, I like it 你不用多好,我喜欢就好。

If through time, through love .倘若看透时光看透爱

Can't be with my long why you pretended to love me不能伴我长久你何必假装深爱我-

Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come无论过去发生什么,最好的尚未到来。


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